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Ragai Altamimi

Research Assistant
Research Topic: Cybersecurity of nuclear power plants
Graduate Student working toward Ph.D.

Ragai Altamimi


  • M.S. Advanced Nuclear Systems Engineering, Korea University of Science and Technology, July 2014
  • B.S. Nuclear Engineering, Jordan University of Science and Technology (JUST), July 2012

Research Projects

Ragai's research is related to nuclear safety analysis and reactor systems modeling. Part of his research involves developing nuclear reactors systems models used for studying systems transients and the behavior of nuclear power plant I&C systems under cyber-attacks.

Ragai's research also includes designing and testing pumps for liquid metals loops, including Electromagnetic pumps. Electromagnetic pump is a pump that moves liquid metal (or any electrically conductive liquid) using electromagnetism. It has no mechanical parts and has extremely low risk of liquid leakage, and it requires little maintenance, which gives advantages for the use in space nuclear reactors, and liquid metal nuclear power plants.



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